Workshop Advisory Committee

Each workshop will be overseen by an advisory committee with expertise on the workshop topic.  The advisory committees are constituted by members of OCTAVE, the HSeT Foundation, the Enterprise and workshop leaders. The committees assess priority training needs, set the workshop agendas, select faculty and participants, and provide insight in to the many details required to make the workshops successful.  

Participant Selection Process

An official call for applications will be released three to four months prior to each workshop. Applicants are requested to submit a CV and a 300-word statement of interest on the workshop topic.  The applications will go through a peer review process where the Workshop Advisory Committee and other invited individuals will select the most highly qualified candidates for the workshops.  Applicants will be notified one month after the call for applications deadline.
Accepted applicants will receive air travel, ground transportation, hotel accommodation and meals for the duration of the workshop.  Additional details will be included in the acceptance letter.


The Enterprise capacity building workshop series, under the direction of Dr. Amapola Manrique, is grateful to the Collaborators and Sponsors of the HSeT Foundation allowing Share & Reuse of a broad collection of Internet-based distance learning materials.

Last update: Saturday, February 5, 2011
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